Privacy Policy

Tabd's guiding priciple regarding privacy is to collect the minimum amount of data possible. If you choose, you can use Tabd without supplying any personally identifying information whatsoever! The information you do provide is only used to keep the app working, and to help us make it better. We will never sell any of your information.

Tabd safely handles your login credentials: The entire application runs over HTTPS, and passwords are stored securely. If you sign in with Google, we don't even need a password, so your data is even safer. Tabd will only store an email if you choose to provide it. It will be used to help recover your account in the event of a lost password.

Tabd will store URLs of tabs you send, and any messages sent with them, which is needed for the bare functionality of the app.

When sending tabs anonymously, your username will always be hidden from other users, but your activity is not anonymous to Tabd. We always store who sent a tab, simply to be able to fight any potential abuse or malicous use.

We store some basic analytics information so we can see what features of Tabd people like and what they don't. We track things like settings being used, how often discovery mode is being used.

In the unlikely event of a data breach, you will be notified within 48 hours its discovery via Tabd and/or email, as well as on our social media channels (follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook!). It is recommended you either use Google authentication or a strong, unique password. Tabd will not force you to do either of those things.

Please don't hesistate to reach out with any questions or concerns.