Frequently Asked Questions

What does Tabd do?
Tabd is the easiest way to share anything on the internet with friends. Simply open the extension, click a friend's name, and your current tab will be sent straight to their browser. Stop scrolling through feeds of things you don't care about and see what your friends know you'll like instead.
Are tabs I receive opened automatically?
Tabs appear when you open the extension window, up to five at a time. A red square next to the T icon indicates you have tabs waiting.
What can Tabd do for me if none of my friends are using it yet?
You can see what other Tabd users are sharing by clicking "Discover" in the main menu. This will show you a random tab someone else sent with discovery mode enabled. However, it's true that Tabd is more fun with your friends. Click the "Invite" button in the main menu to send them an invitation email.
If I type something in a website, will this information be sent with my tab?
It depends on the website. Tabd will send any information encoded into the URL of the page. For example, text entered into Google Translate will be sent with your tab. If you accidentally send your email inbox, banking page, or Facebook, your friends will only see the site's main page or their personal data if they are logged in.
I just received a tab! How do I know who it's from?
If your friend sent the tab anonymously you won't be able to tell. Otherwise, their username will appear in the title of the tab, surrounded by brackets. Links which are not sent anonymously can also be filtered by username in your history.
Can I see all of my previous tabs?
Of course! Open the menu and click "History". You can filter it by url or by username.
What information about me does Tabd collect and store?
Tabd stores the URLs of tabs sent and any messages sent with them. That's it.
Why does Tabd ask for permission to "read and change all my data on the websites I visit?"
This request is common with many Chrome extensions, but vague to the point of inaccuracy. Tabd needs to read the URL in your browser when you send a tab. We also put your friend's username in the title of a tab you receive if it wasn't sent anonymously. Lastly, Tabd displays messages your friends send with tabs when you open them.